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Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Mauldin network. As you may know, I am the Chief Economist and a Co-portfolio manager at CMG Capital Management Group, Inc. (CMG), a registered investment advisory firm, as well as owning my own broker-dealer, Mauldin Securities, LLC (member FINRA/SIPC). I believe strongly in carefully growing and defending your “Core” wealth in a way that enables you to “Explore” with a smaller portion of your wealth.

An increasing number of investors are starting to include alternative investments into their portfolios because of their potential to boost returns, generate higher income, and provide greater diversification from traditional investments on the path to achieving their overall goals. Some explore type opportunities that may come in the form of private investments. There are several types: private equity, hedge funds, and, increasingly, private credit opportunities for those looking for a higher fixed income yield. (Please note: all investments, from traditional equity and bond funds, including private investments, have risk, including the risk of loss.  However, alternative investments are also generally illiquid with no ready market. It is important that you read and understand the risk disclosures of every investment you make.)

Certain opportunities, both traditional and alternative, may be available to you via an investment advisor and some require access through a broker/dealer. Because of this, I believe it is important to work with both an investment advisor and a brokerage firm. Over the past 30 years, I’ve developed a network of trusted relationships and I’d like to open my broader network of relationships up to you. There are ways to hedge your equity portfolios and find more yield outside of bond index funds. There are skilled managers who have been doing this for years and are in my network of relationships.

In addition to my relationship with CMG, through my broker/dealer firm, Mauldin Securities, LLC, I’ve selected a broker/dealer, Amera Securities, LLC (member FINRA/SIPC) (Amera) to which I would like to refer you. The representatives of Amera can share certain offerings with you. But that doesn’t mean you work with two professionals. Steve Blumenthal, who you know from my relationship with CMG, is also registered with Amera Securities and he has built a team of financial professionals who are also registered with Amera Securities to work with you and, if appropriate, introduce select ideas to you. So while you are technically dealing with two firms, you are dealing with one professional who has access to both.

What might opportunities look like? We have a wide range of wealth management portfolios and strategies that are appropriate for your core portfolio, as well as numerous “explore side” opportunities. They may be in something as simple as private fixed income from a variety of sources, or more complex offerings involving industry participants in health care, biotechnology, bio-agriculture, artificial intelligence, robotics, and immunotherapies from DNA sequencing.  Technologies that improve our way of life and create a future that looks dramatically different from what we have today. Advances in battery technology that not only fuel electric cars but will power our houses. The list is almost endless. This is why I am really excited about the future.

To sign up to learn more, please complete the information on this page and click submit. Please know that the privacy of your information is important to us.  I will share the information with CMG and Amera. In that regard, please carefully review the Privacy Policies you find in the link at the bottom of this page.

We live in a world that seems constantly changing, yet I often write that I see opportunities to not only preserve and protect your hard-earned savings and investments but to grow them. Even though I often write about the multiple crises in our world, the problems of valuation, the political and geopolitical turmoil, the probability of higher taxes in our future, and what I personally call “The Great Reset” that I feel the growing public and private debt will bring about, I think there are many options besides the traditional buy-and-hope investment strategies and index funds that seem to be the standard options of so many investment strategists. I want to share these options with you and help you find out how they may assist you to achieve your own personal goals. I believe properly structured active management and certain private investments have the potential to help us get to the other side of The Great Reset.

It’s just that simple. Fill in your information and Steve and his team from CMG and Amera will send you more details. We look forward to working with you and spending time getting to know you, your current investment situation, your needs and your goals . It’s important for us to learn what is most important to you.  To kick off the process, shortly after you fill out the information, Amera will send you an email asking for you to confirm the information you shared with me and I shared with Amera. Then, a representative will give you a call.

We take this process very seriously. You will not be pitched an investment on the first call. You need to see the entirety of what my network has to offer and we need to understand how we can best help you meet your goats.

In the meantime, once you’ve clicked on the green submit button, you will automatically receive a paper I wrote with Steve titled, How We Think About Wealth. It’s a good place to start to get to know each other. Don’t procrastinate, do it now.

Your looking forward to working together analyst,

John Mauldin

Note: For the referrals noted above, Mauldin Securities LLC will receive a referral fee from Amera and John Mauldin will receive referral compensation from CMG. The information provided by you is shared with both Amera and CMG via joint marketing agreements. If you do not want your information shared, do not complete, and submit this form.

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